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Professional Google Ads Services & Campaign Management
  • Start Getting New Leads Instantly - showcase your brand at the top of Google searches!
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Professional Google Ads Services & Campaign Management

Working with Digital Shift will enable you to?maximize the revenue generated from your Google Ads services!

As more and more emphasis is placed on?online interactions and communications, businesses are starting to realize the enormous potential online advertising opportunities available?business.?Here at Digital Shift, our dedicated Google Ads campaign managers will work hard to deliver maximum results while staying in your budget. We work closely with your business, to constantly?create?improvements to your businesses unique campaign! We will ensure each advertising dollar spent will bring in the most revenue.

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We understand Google Ads campaigns can be difficult to understand.?Here is a quick list of steps performed in a Google Ads service campaign.

Steps in Google Ads Campaign

  1. Setting a Budget
    • This can be calculated by multiplying the cost per click of an advertisement and the number of clicks you wish to achieve.
  2. Choosing the Best Keywords
    • the best keywords for your business will be carefully chosen to ensure the most effective results
  3. Selecting Negative Keywords
    • Adding a list of negative keywords to your campaign is very important as it prevents ads from appearing on specific searches that will bring in the wrong traffic. This will help you connect with your qualified customers more effectively and allow optimal use of your budget.
  4. Start Bidding on Selected Keywords
    • Important keywords with the best balance of cost and traffic potential will be bid on.
  5. Creating the Advertisement
    • This will include creating appealing titles and descriptions with optimal click potential.
  6. Microsite/Landing Page Creation
    • The landing page is where potential customers will be directed after clicking on an advertisement
    • The landing page will include a tempting call to action to drive sales
  7. Regular Campaign Monitoring
    • Ongoing Google Ads Management month-to-month with no long-term Google Ads service contracts
    • To maintain?maximum results, our experts will regularly analyze your campaign looking for possible improvements, or to adjust for changes in your business or industry.
    • We will also constantly track conversion and other useful data for your business

Are you interested in creating traffic and bringing in more revenue? Visit our PPC Management Pricing Page?or?Contact us to speak directly with a Google Ads service specialist about your unique strategy.

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