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100% Whitehat Manual Outreach
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Have a Question?

100% Whitehat Manual Outreach

Link Building & Blogger Outreach Service

Get link placements on real blogs. When you use this service, you won’t need to spend a minute link prospecting, building relationships, outreaching, or writing content for other blogs. We take care of the entire process for you!

Digital Shift's new blogger outreach service is the single best way to get relevant contextual backlinks on blogs with REAL traffic.

How Does Link Building & Blogger Outreach Work?

The process of link building and blogger outreach is time-consuming and even frustrating at times.

Here's how the link building process works:

  1. Research and gather prospects
  2. Qualify every prospect and link opportunity
  3. Build a relationship with the blogger
  4. Reach out to the blogger and ask if you can place a link on their site
  5. Wait for responses (and get used to reading the word "No")
  6. Write a good quality content for the blogs that accepted your request
  7. Submit the content to the editor for approval
  8. If you get approved, land a powerful relevant backlink

Pretty intense process, right?

Good news:

Our service is responsible for every single one of those 8 steps above.

  • We prospect for blogs within your industry (or use those already in our database)
  • We qualify each and every prospect
  • We build the relationships
  • We do the outreach
  • We withstand the onslaught of NO's
  • We craft the content
  • We get you the awesome backlink

If you attempted to do this yourself, you would need to dedicate HOURS, if not MONTHS.

...and that's not even the worse part.

You could put your blood, sweat, and tears into blogger outreach and still be unsuccessful.

That's because building relationships and understanding the psychology of outreach is HARD.

But?when you use our blogger outreach service...

A) you will save time

B) you will be able to focus on more important elements of your business

C) you will sit back and know that high-quality links are being built

D) you will watch your rankings and organic traffic grow (without any effort)

Now, you are probably thinking: "Okay, this sounds cool, but is this service right for ME and MY situation?"

Is This Service Right For You?

Our blogger outreach service is designed for anyone who doesn't want to waste their time trying to acquire quality backlinks. SEO agencies, bloggers, and DIY SEO's all use and love our service.?See our testimonials.

Will This Service Get You Results?

The only reason you do SEO is to get search engine TRAFFIC.

More traffic = more MONEY.

I could show you hundreds of keyword rankings we have achieved, but that's pointless because the only thing that really matters is organic search traffic.

That's why I'm going to show you real organic traffic growth. The growth you will see below is a direct result of the backlinks from our blogger outreach service.

Why Our Service is Different

1. We Don't Use PBNs!

We use genuine outreach and have no access or control to any of the sites we get you backlinks on.

2. Your Link is Placed Within the Body of the Content

We get your backlink placed within the actual meat of the article. It is a true contextual backlink. Your backlink will look like a natural recommendation/vote for your site.

We stay away from silly author bi-line backlinks because they:
A) leave a huge footprint and B) don't work very well.

3. Your Link is Surrounded by Other High-Quality Outbound Links

Linking out to multiple sources builds credibility for the blog and your backlink. That's why we place at least two other relevant outbound links in each piece of content. Your link will be in good company!

4. Your Content is Written by Native English Speakers

Every single article where your backlink lives will be written by a native English speaker. The content is so good that you can show your boss.

5. You Get White Label Reports

We do the hard work and you get the credit. Simple as that.

Are you ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are "editorial" links?
Content/links that are reviewed by an editor before being published.

Are these links "safe"?
Any type of "active" link acquisition is against Google's guidelines and there is always risk. However, relevant editorial links are the mecca of quality link building and are some of the safest links you can get.

What niches do you accept?
We accept many niches, but we do NOT accept websites with any illegal content, products, services or hateful, objectionable or defamatory content aimed at any people group, race, gender, sexual orientation or otherwise attacks on any person, business, organization, product or service; cruelty towards animals; Prescription drugs; gambling or casinos and adult.

What anchor text can I use?
You decide the anchor text, but the only rule we have is that you can not use geo-targeted anchors. Geo-targeted anchors are a signal of spam and we don't want to jeopardize our relationship with our partners.

Can I approve the content or sites before you publish?
The content is written in a ghost blogging, non-promotional way and it would be unnecessary to pre-approve the content. We don't allow pre-approval of blogs.

How do refunds work?
There are no refunds because of the time it takes to successfully land you a link.

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