Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) on Facebook

What are?Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

DPA Facebook Dynamic Product AdsFacebook Dynamic Product Ads, or DPA, are new dynamic product ads that give you the ability to granularly target people with highly relevant ads at all?stages of the sales funnel.

These are often most effective in the middle of the funnel when your audience is in the consideration phase. During this?phase, he/she is likely comparing your product against your competitors and these ads help keep your product top-of-mind and can be used to encourage the prospective customer to purchase.

Facebook PDA help with relevance and offer timing!

Facebook’s DPAs are like remarketing Google AdWords display ads on steroids because they allow you to target users based on past engagement?(actions or inactions) from your site or application with a perfectly timed ad.

How to get started with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

To get started you need to set up a Dynamic Ad Template. In addition to having your Facebook pixel installed, you must have the product catalogue setup properly. ?Once those items are in place, you can create a dynamic ad template that will be used as the starting point across all products.

If you are running an eCommerce store and want to improve sales, or if you are running eCommerce Facebook ads but not running Facebook Dynamic Product Ads contact us today for a free strategic marketing session.



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