Our Process

Why Go for a Generic Cookie-cutter Approach to Online Business Solutions when not all Businesses are the Same?

web design process toronto ontarioOur web design process can help your website make a great first impression of your business. We meet with all inquiries and provide them with a free SEO report of their existing website.

Step 1: Meet With Your Local Account Manager for an Initial Assessment.

Introductory meeting and complimentary SEO report and website?overview. No pressure. No obligation. This is our guarantee!

Step 2: Review Our Assessment.

The team at Digital Shift will provide you with an overview report. This report is provided to you free of charge. You do not have an obligation to conduct business with us. If you choose to, we will value your business.

Step 3: Make an Informed Decision.

After reviewing our report, you decide what the next step is! It’s your business after all. See what we have done for others like you?Click Here.


Our Process is Simple and Straight Forward

Our Process provides High-Quality Results and Customer Satisfaction

By taking the time to get to know you and your business we lean more about what really matters to you. This sounds rather simple, but it is often missed. Our clients are very satisfied with the quality of work we are able to and that we can focus on delivering results!

We Speak English, Not Techie

When you contact Digital Shift, you speak to a business minded Account Manager, not a developer or programmer. Our experts get involved in the process when we need them. Some of our clients have switched to Digital Shift because they were sold packages that they would not have come close to taking full advantage of.

We Help you Implement what will Work Best for You, your Strategy, and your Business

Our goal is to help you make a well-informed decision based on all of the technology available to you.?We are dedicated to working with you to ensure that you achieve results. Our team of professionals works with you and your team to identify your goals and any unrealized opportunities. Your success is important to us!


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